Cascina Salicetti is a 42 hectare farm whose main body and lands stretch upon a sunny hill that stands out against the pre-Appenine chain in East Piedmont. 15 hectares are devoted to vine-growing, the farm main production since the early 1900s, although the growth in the production of wine is due to Pietro Franzosi who, for the last 30 years, has been able to produce better- quality wines. The heritage of Pietro has been taken over by his son Anselmo, winemaker, who has achieved remarkable results. Anselmo has focused his attention on high-quality vine-growing, by selecting the fittest DOC Colli Tortonesi grapes as well as refurbishing the winery according to the latest technology.

Cascina Salicetti, thanks to its small dimensions, is able to pay the utmost daily attention to each phase in the production of wine. As a result, the consumer can taste elegant, full-body wines exuding a rich and attractive bouquet, produced according to the latest wine-making trends.

As far as white wines are concerned, Cascina Salicetti produces two local Italian varieties: Cortese , a best renowned wine belonging to the old Piedmontese tradition and Timorasso , an ancient variety revaluated through recent researches in vine-growing. These studies have made it possible to pick out a variety of grapes that can best represent the territory. Among red wines are Barbera, Dolcetto, Bonarda Piemontese , fermented in steel tanks. Barbera and Dolcetto top selection wines are later aged in French oak barrels.

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