Cascina Salicetti produces both white and red DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin) wines.
White Wines


Denomination: Colli Tortonesi DOC Cortese
Grape: Cortese 100%
Colour: pale yellow with yellowish lights.

The sweet floral aromas are combined with notes of yellow apple and freshly-cut hay. This wine is full, balanced and sustained by a slight acidity. The taste is surprisingly intense, which is not usually the case with Cortese grape. Ideal with starters, fish and lightly or medium seasoned cheese.


Denomination: Colli Tortonesi DOC Timorasso
Grape: Timorasso 100%
Colour: pale yellow  with intense yellow lights.
The prevailing bread-crust aroma is accompanied with extremely fine hints of pear, pineapple and acacia honey. This white wine is at the same time Very concentrated and gentle, presenting a remarkable weight on the palate, which is uncommon with white wines fermented in steel vessels. It has a long finish and is best enjoyed with tasty cheese and roasted white meat.

Red Wines


Denomination: Piemonte Bonarda DOC
Grape: Bonarda piemontese 100%
Colour: dark ruby red with violet lights.

The powerful bouquet of this still Piedmontese Bonarda is characterized by touches of black pepper, cinnamon and raspberry. Smooth and velvety, it's a truly fruity wine ideal with savoury starters, vegetarian dishes and pies, and tasty first courses.


Denomination: Colli Tortonesi DOC  Barbera
Grape: Barbera 100%
Colour: dark ruby red with violet lights.

A stunning scent of black ripe plum preserves and sour cherry on the nose. Fleshy on the palate and sustained by a moderate acidity which allows this Barbera to refine considerably in time. Ideally enjoyed with cold cuts (ham and salami) and grilled meat.


Denomination: Colli Tortonesi DOC  Dolcetto
Grape: Dolcetto 100%
Colour: ruby red with garnet red lights.

Strong accents of cherries and berries, particularly blackberry, on the nose. A delicate note of cinnamon harmoniously enwraps the whole; unmistakable touches of liquorice emerge after a while. Its strong character on the palate is coupled with the smoothness typical of this unique grape. It demands medium savoury first courses, meat courses and roast meat or game. 


Denomination: Colli Tortonesi DOC   Dolcetto
Grape: Dolcetto 100%
Colour: intense ruby red with violet tints.

Dolcetto at its best: powerful both on the nose and on the palate. It is characterized by its intense scents of raspberry and blueberry, enhanced by a touch of vanilla yielded by selected French oak barrels particularly suited to this grape. The ageing period (10-12 months) is meant to support such a gentle grape allowing the fruity accents to explode with magnificence on the palate. A long and enticing finish. It is an excellent accompaniment to roast meat, game and long or medium seasoned cheese. Unequalled with savoury Piedmontese cheese "Tomino".


Denomination: Colli Tortonesi DOC Barbera 
Grape: Barbera 100%
Colour: dark ruby red with violet lights.

A robust Barbera aged in French oak barrels for one year dominated by blackberry preserves and intense spicy hints of cocoa and cloves. Sustained by a good acidity, it's an explosion of fruit in the mouth that enwraps the palate with a full and smooth finish. It is a superb wine with great roast meat and seasoned fat cheese.

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